{photography} ~ a month in review

Well, today I turned in all three parts of the final for my first ever online course. It was a 3 credit class through Grove City College, so I didn’t have to worry about transferring credits and I met my professor and all my coursemates at a mandatory meeting before school ended for the summer. When I signed up, I didn’t really know how it would go. I had no clue what to expect. I just wanted to take a photography class and didn’t really care about anything else.

Seriously– what’s better than getting 3 college credits for doing something you LOVE… something that, even though you spend 14 hours of a Friday working on an assignment, refusing to go to bed until it’s done? Ummm, not really much else.

Turned out I couldn’t have organized the class much better. There were 4 weeks of classes. All assignments were due on Friday, so I usually did all the reading on Monday, watched all the lectures on Tuesday, and then practiced for the rest of the week so I’d have a bunch of options when selecting what photos to turn in.

Our professor did a great job. We met on campus before we left in May, and he said right there and then that we needed to read our camera manuals because there was no way that he would know how to use every camera out there, especially for us Canon lovers (He uses Nikon… boo!!). Turns out- it was great! He showed us in demos how to do certain photoshop actions, or what types of settings to use in order to get a specific look (more on those later!), but then he had us go DO it. He taught us and then let us go to figure it out and explore on our own. To be honest, because he taught this way, I’ll probably remember more from this course than any other. (Ok and maybe, just  maybe I’ll remember it because I love photography so much)

In the coming week (hopefully… I know I’ve been a slacker) I’ll be going through some of the different things I’ve learned throughout this course. But for now I’d better go get some reading done for my business law class that started this week (for some reason I’m not as excited for this one…)

Until next time,


P.S. I’ll leave you with the project I spent 14 hours on yesterday. Wix is a fantastic (free!) site for those of us who are aspiring to become great photographers, but don’t have consistent enough jobs that we are making enough to pay for expenses, equipment, AND a website. So here’s mine~ Erin Elle Photography


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