{photography} ~ a day in the city

theme: structure

theme: structure

For the first week of my photography course (in case you didn’t see my last post, check it out here) I had to take photos of things reflecting “structure” and “yesteryear”. This week we learned the basics of composition such as the rule of thirds, framing, etc.

At the beginning of the course I was pretty enthusiastic (and way too optimistic) about going to great locations for my assignments. So, for this first one– what better place than the state capitol building to fulfill both of those requirements?

I dragged my lovely older sister, Emily down with me. I think I told her it was so I could get shots of her, but it was more true that I just didn’t want to go alone. But I’m definitely glad I brought her because I got some great ones of her too!

theme: yesteryear

At one point during the evening a guy came up to us, he was probably about my age I guess, and said that we really should be careful about taking pictures by the Capitol building because it was really more serious than people think and that people are watching. It seemed to me that he was really meaning  that super secret things happen in the building by the windows and I could get a picture of it and that if I got too close to uncovering something then a bunch of black SUVs would come up and surround me and take me away. Maybe I’ve just been watching too much White Collar and Covert Affairs. But seriously, that’s what it sounded like he was saying.

Even so, Em and I didn’t change our approach. We just kept walking, her being a great sport and me taking pictures of almost everything I could see. Every once in a while there would be an awesome patch of light and I’d make her go stand in it. 

After a little walking around we were losing the sun, but I was pretty content with the photos I got. I can’t get enough of Harrisburg through my camera lens. It’s not “THE city” as everyone else means, but that’s how I definitely think of it. And I know there really isn’t much to do there, but I still love it- the history, the architecture, the pretty picture-taking places. And I’m certainly content to continue venturing there for more pictures.

Hasta mañana,



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